01. Company - Management


AT Consulting‘s management has over two decades of practical experience in the processing industry including both longterm positions at international corporations and long and short term international projects in CH, UK, NL or F at mainly owner-managed SMEs.


Ranging from specialist projects to managerial responsibility in small research and development laboratories or in production departments of over 100 employees.


From the development of analytical processes for particle sizing technology, the optimisation of bills of materials in MRP II projects or process engineering concepts in paints and coatings manufacturing, the design of company-wide TQM concepts through to ERP implementation, many challenges in the processing industry have been mastered over the past 20 years.


„A rolling stone gathers no moss“, and „It is not size but speed and flexibility that matters.“. These are just two of the many truths that we have taken on board. For this reason we have always got one ear to the ground. We have joined associations, take part in seminars, are certified in the use of our tools and initiate independent projects e.g.: „RFID controlled order tracking in the paints and coatings industry“.

We strive everyday, time and again, to find the ideal symbiosis between tradition and innovation. In this way we continually build on our know-how to your advantage.

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